5 Web Design Tricks That Massively Influence Conversion Rate

According to studies, humans pay attention in only 8 seconds. Therefore, businesses have only a few seconds to put visitors to their website. When this is not achieved there are chances that visitors will leave the web page and then move on to the next website.

A website, which is well designed, is the key to attracting the attention of visitors as well as converting visitors into potential customers.

Leading web designers and web development companies know the best way to boost conversion rates with the help of design. 

 5 Web Design Tricks that will help you in increasing the conversion rate of your websites:


  • Choose a Responsive Web Design


Nowadays, users visit websites through mobile devices more than PCs or desktops. As a matter of fact, the share of mobile traffic is even higher. In 2019, mobile traffic was more than 60% of the total web traffic worldwide.

When a website is designed for desktop but accessed on mobile devices and small screens, it can be very annoying. Slow pages loading, poorly visible buttons, and endless scrolling to read-only text, among others, provide an unpleasant user experience, allowing users to leave their sites immediately.

A responsive website provides a good user experience as the layout automatically adjusts to the screen of the device being used. Therefore, when hiring a web designing company, they should be asked to make the website responsive to both mobile and PC.

Businesses want to capture every potential customer who lands on their website. For this reason, designers should ensure that the website is well registered on different screen sizes of different devices. In addition, Google supports responsive design. That being said, responsive web design can be used for search engine optimization and conversion rates.



  • Using facial images


Adding faces to a website easily captures the attention of users as they express emotions. Users sympathize with faces and when it shows a certain emotion, consumers are more likely to engage with the website.

Uses facial images to demonstrate how a user creates an emotional connection between the brand and the user. Also, emotions can dictate the customers’ decisions. It is a marketing strategy used by many advertising companies worldwide.



  • Consistent Colors, Images, Branding, and Fonts


A web design that is consistent in color, images, branding, and fonts, looks more professional. When design elements are not consistent, it can affect a brand image. A business should see that other elements including the color scheme, font size, font style, and logo on a web page are compatible.



  • Reviews and Testimonials


In order to increase reliability and earn customer trust, it is important to have reviews and testimonials on the website.

Reviews and testimonials serve as evidence. This theory suggests that people make their decisions based on the information and experience of other individuals.

As an example, people are likely to visit a newly opened restaurant in their neighborhood when they receive a good response from friends or relatives who have eaten there. On the other hand, if they receive unfavorable remarks about food or service, they cannot visit that place.

This is why it is important for a web page to include genuine testimonials of products/services. Businesses should have particularly good reviews that will allow users to make decisions easily.



  • Call to action (CTA) button


Another important element of the website is to call the action button. It enables interaction between business owners and users.

Website owners should make sure that the CTA button looks attractive to attract users’ attention, so they will click on it. It should also be clear and visible.

The color of the CTA button and where it will be placed will play an important role as well. Given the visual pattern of the user, the color should be highlighted and posted in the correct location.


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